Update 1.0.1

New Feature

  • Integrated leaderboard: 
    • Now you can compete with us (and other players) by sending your scores to the leaderboard!
  • Mute Audio
    • This was highly requested feature from the people who play the game during meetings. Enjoy your silent massacre!

Balance Changes

  • Ambusher Talent has 3 ranks now instead of 1
    • Previous: Gain [10] on next combat
    • Current: Gain [7, 10, 15] on next combat
    • Explanation: Ambusher is very powerful talent compared to other attack talents, even though it can only be used once. Current state requires a lot of talent swap, so one-shot talents don't have much of a downside. We believe this talent will continue to be one of your favorite.
  • Prayer Talent also has 3 ranks now instead of 1
    • Previous: Recruit [10] on next temple visit
    • Current: Recruit [7, 10, 15] on next temple visit
    • Explanation: Same reason with the Ambusher change. One-shot talents don't have as much disadvantage as we thought.
  • Speed up has 2 ranks now instead of 3
    • Previous: Move faster up to [2, 3, 4] hex
    • Current: Move faster up to [2, 3] hex
    • Explanation: Without an integrated leaderboard, we wouldn't bother. However it is a must-have in current meta if you want to beat the highest scores. We believe, this change will make the competition even more fun!
  • Eagle Eye has 2 ranks now instead of 3
    • Previous: See farther up to [2, 3, 4] hex
    • Current: See farther up to [2, 3] hex
    • Explanation: This is a necessary change to balance "Explorer" talent. Even though, both of them are in good state, It will bring better balance in all the exploration talents (like Explorer, Eagle Eye and Speed Up)
  • Bedouin has a new rank now
    • Rank 2: Mercenaries always join on deserts
    • This change is suggested by one of our players and we really like it. Since Bedouin talent is not very popular, we thought it wouldn't hurt to buff it a bit. Compared to Recruiter talent, it seems fair to us.


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Version 21 Mar 04, 2021

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