Into the depths plunge down, 

Dive as deep as you can. 

But remember, Don't Drown! 

Come back to the surface again.

This is an LD48 jam submission. Check 'more information' below to see the submission page


  • Mute Music: CTRL+M
  • Everything else: Mouse left click

TOGAM 2021

  1. January: Purple Haiku // A game about feeling lost, while being relaxed about it
  2. February: Massacre: Tactics // A game about barbarians facing difficult decisions
  3. March: Astral Souls  // A deckbuilder game where you build the ship by placing souls in synergized way to save the galaxy
  4. April: Don't Drown // A game about diving as deep as possible and coming back to tell the story
  5. May: Infight // A puzzle-shooter prototype about setting enemies against one another
  6. June: Sokotetris // A game about joining tetris pieces together
  7. July: Cacti // A game about long spiky green things that enjoy your inevitable dismay
  8. August: Solitaire: Tactics // A solitaire game that's less about luck and more about strategy
  9. September: TNT 99 // A game about how deliberate your mayhem can be
  10. October: Slingball // A game about slings, balls and backstabbing
  11. November: The King's Edict // A game about building the dream city of your king
  12. December: TOGAM // A game about making 12 games in a year while staying sane in the process







    Various assets by Kenney:

    Water+ by ninjikin:

    Font "PixelMix" by Andrew Tyler:

    Swim SFX by InspectorJ:

    Breathe SFX by Kodack:

    Water splash SFX by

    Lake Waves SFX by Benboncan:

    Music: "Townie Loop" Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License,

    StatusIn development
    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
    (1 total ratings)
    AuthorTorreng Labs
    Made withUnity
    Tags2D, Ludum Dare 48, Pixel Art, underwater
    LinksLudum Dare


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    I made it to 216, but it didn't add me to the leaderboard D:

    omg 216! :D you have to turn back to the surface to win the game and enter leaderboard

    Oooooh, damn, I missed that. Once I reached 200 I was like "Okay, I think that's far enough" and I purposely stopped collecting air tanks so the game would end lol

    oh no, sorry about your awkward experience :D if you have any cost-efficient idea to help first time players to understand "they need to swim back to surface", we would appreciate it.
    On last update, we add some signs with text at the beginning, hope it will help.
    Please try again now and try to return to the surface, I assure you the game will drastically change :)


    Yine harika bir is cikarmissiniz ellerinize saglik. Jam oyunu oldugu icin cok bir esprisi yok ama yine de aklimdakileri ileteyim:

    - Oksijen barini en cok resimdeki kadar doldurabildim.

    - Asagi yuzerken viewport bir satir daha asagida, yukari yuzerken de bir satir yukarida olabilirmis.

    Yazilim ve gorsellere zerre lafim yok hepsi harika ama oyun tasarimi konusunda muhtesem is cikariyorsunuz.

    selamlar, bu oyunu da deneme cok sevindim! :) guncellenmis hali hazir, puan sistemini degistirip bug'lari temizledik. Bir daha denemek isteyebilirsin.

    Yorumlarin icin cook tesekkurler, onumuzdeki ay yeni bir oyunla buradayiz! :)