Each has its place, each has its time


Choose a ship and embark upon your journey.

Start by choosing a number of souls and placing them onto your ship. This is the most crucial part of the game: many souls' power depend highly on the slot they are placed, as the souls often channel each other. Read the details carefully and decide on a slot which would make use of the soul the most. 

Combat takes place in a turn based manner. Activate your souls one by one until you run out of energy in that turn, then the enemy will do the same.

At the end of each combat, choose one of the three souls offered, or remove one of the souls from your ship.

The goal is to defeat all enemy ships.


  • Mute Music: CTRL+M
  • Everything else: Mouse left click

TOGAM 2021

  1. January: Purple Haiku // A game about feeling lost, while being relaxed about it
  2. February: Massacre: Tactics // A game about barbarians facing difficult decisions
  3. March: Astral Souls  // A deckbuilder game where you build the ship by placing souls in synergized way to save the galaxy
  4. April: Don't Drown // A game about diving as deep as possible and coming back to tell the story
  5. May: Infight // A puzzle-shooter prototype about setting enemies against one another
  6. June: Sokotetris // A game about joining tetris pieces together
  7. July: Cacti // A game about long spiky green things that enjoy your inevitable dismay
  8. August: Solitaire: Tactics // A solitaire game that's less about luck and more about strategy
  9. September: TNT 99 // A game about how deliberate your mayhem can be
  10. October: Slingball // A game about slings, balls and backstabbing
  11. November: The King's Edict // A game about building the dream city of your king
  12. December: TOGAM // A game about making 12 games in a year while staying sane in the process




Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorTorreng Labs
Made withUnity
TagsDeck Building, Sci-fi, Space, Tactical, Turn-based Strategy

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Beat the game with the Kestrel, then went and beat it with the Sparrow. :D

Had a lot of fun with this one, thanks.

You might want to think about different ways of increasing the difficulty other than lowering starting energy (or even replace ultima with the no cost +1 yellow guy so its like you lose 1/2 an energy), since playing on 1 energy at the start feels really rough. Really excellent synergy design, I found myself playing 3 games back to back so I could try new things. Enemy design was interesting and varied which was good. However the enemy that does +2 armor, slam, +2 armor could lead to a never-ending stalemate if the player does an average of 4 damage per turn, and can heal or block for more than 2. An option to increase animation speed (or just a default increase) would be nice to make combat feel a little snappier. Overall really fun game, well done!


We really like the idea of giving Charge in harder ships. First, we would like to give a really hard challenge and see if it is possible :) In previous update, players achieved to finish it with Sparrow, but we are looking forward to see it again with new update.

We just released a new features and balance change. Please let us know if you try them!

Yeah the RNG just makes it not fun there's way to much of it and very little skill involved, stuff getting thrown into your inventory randomly in places you would never want, a scaling that unless you get 2 of same color at start will end usually under 5 rounds in and much more like impossible to predict strategis that if you prepare for you are heavily punished for and if you are not prepared for you instantly are in a lose state that you will have no way to get out of and have to ether restart right there or wait for 2 battles usually majorly hampered just to lose witch could take 10 min just to find out you would not even be able to recover from it.

Oh and can auto end your turn even if you have a bunch of actions you can take....

Early scaling is horrible you go from 1 damage or so to 4 and the hp triples if you only do 5 witch is very high for round 2 from my playing so far your stuck losing 8hp no matter what...

bombing them like there is no tomorrow!

good start would make a fun rpg also to short could use some progression and other upgrade cards

Thanks mate! we just released an update and it is officially 1.0.
It has 40+ Souls and 15+ enemies now. You would like to give it a second shot!

Needs re-balancing good concept ; just not working out by just scaling up

Still to short and no way to really upgrade the ship


Please, make a downloadable version for PC.