Every journey comes to an end
Who knows, what is next?

TOGAM is a game about making 12 games in year, well, like we did this year. It's an attempt to share our experience about what we have went through out the year. Besides our self-expression, it's a narrative based resource management game. You cannot both keep developers happy and makes great games at the same time, or, can you?


  • Mouse: Drag and Drop Developer Tokens

  • TOGAM 2021

  • January: Purple Haiku // A game about feeling lost, while being relaxed about it
  • February: Massacre: Tactics // A game about barbarians facing difficult decisions
  • March: Astral Souls // A deckbuilder game where you build the ship by placing souls in synergized way to save the galaxy
  • April: Don't Drown // A game about diving as deep as possible and coming back to tell the story
  • May: Infight // A puzzle-shooter prototype about setting enemies against one another
  • June: Sokotetris // A game about joining tetris pieces together
  • July: Cacti // A game about long spiky green things that enjoy your inevitable dismay
  • August: Solitaire: Tactics // A solitaire game that's less about luck and more about strategy
  • September: TNT 99 // A game about how deliberate your mayhem can be
  • October: Slingball // A game about slings, balls and backstabbing
  • November: The King's Edict // A game about building the dream city of your king
  • December: TOGAM // A game about making 12 games in a year while staying sane in the process







    Music "Peaceful Stream" by Alex Weesner


    French Stationery I Visual Novel GUI


    Font "Permanent Marker" by Font Diner


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